Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Put Coconut Oil in My Coffee for a Week and Here's What Happened

    When I first heard that putting coconut oil/butter/some other greasy substance in your coffee was a thing, I was a little surprised and a little repulsed. I was even more surprised that the concept was popularized by paleo dieters and not by a Wisconsin state fair (come on, when you hear of weird butter uses, where do you think of?). 
   Recently I did a little research on the benefits of so-called "bulletproof" coffee, because really, how can putting something so greasy in your cuppa joe be good for you? To my disbelief, I found that bulletproof coffee has a slew of desirable effects including increases in energy, fat burning abilities, and cognitive function (fellow college students rejoice).  

   The articles I read (this one and this one) recommended blending your coconut oil into your coffee, but I neither had nor felt like I needed a blender. I plopped about a half a tablespoon of coconut oil in the bottom of my mug and let my Keurig do its thing. Once the coffee was brewed, I added my regular splash of milk and gave the whole thing a thorough stir. 
  The result? It was pretty oily. By not blending it, I'd allowed the coconut oil to stay separated in small bubbles on the surface. Therefore, my first daily cup was hard to choke back but as I got accustomed to the consistency later in the week, I started to appreciate how flavorful it made the coffee. When I went back to drinking my oil-free coffee, it tasted like dishwater in comparison.  

   The results...
   Energy & Cognitive Function: I wasn't suddenly transformed into the proactive woman of my dreams, but I did notice some differences. I usually run on a two cup minimum during the semester: one in the morning when I wake up and one around mid-day to get me through the rest of my classes and work. However, I found myself bypassing the Starbucks line more often than not during the week. It seems like the bulletproof coffee gave me more lasting energy throughout the day, allowing me to actually survive on one cup.
  Metabolism & Fat Burning: I know everyone's eyes hone in on that "speeding up metabolism" claim. Honestly, I wasn't on the bulletproof coffee kick long enough to track any kind of weight loss correlation. I will say that I did feel satiated for much longer so it could be a viable option if you're prone to midday hunger and cravings. 

 The takeaway: If I were going to continue drinking bulletproof coffee. I would definitely need to start blending the coffee with the coconut oil. The coffee was still drinkable unblended but it's hard to get accustomed to the greasiness. I was really surprised at how well this coffee prevented my energy from dipping and my stomach from rumbling around midday. I wouldn't describe these effects as "drastic" or "life-changing", but I stand corrected for believing that this was nothing more than a weird paleo trend.  
 Have you ever tried bulletproof coffee? Is it a life changer? What other paleo trends are worth my while? Let me know!

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