Thursday, October 13, 2016

Welcome to A Stranger Place

"I want to start a blog," I told my boyfriend Monday night, "But not a stay-at-home mom holistic lifestyle blog. I want to start a blog for depressed cynics like me."
He told me to go for it.
So here I am, going for it. 

I am welcoming all of you, including myself, to A Stranger Place. Here, I'm hoping to share with you my day-to-day struggles with mental health, my arduous attempts at self-care, and my overall delightfully pessimistic lifestyle. Due to what will probably be the candid nature of this blog, I wish to remain anonymous for now but I will take this opportunity to talk a little bit about myself. 
Although I have dealt with a lot of "strange places" throughout my life, I found myself in an even stranger place last year.
In short, I found myself...

                         Firstly, starting college.
                         Secondly, without a mother.
                         And lastly, still struggling with my depression. 

The past year has been filled with extreme highs and extreme lows, grief, trauma, unexpected joys and unexpected challenges, a lot of moving, a little self-realization, and a lot more chaos and confusion that I'm sure I'll get to eventually. Cliché phrases aside, I admit to being a bit of a hopeless romantic when it comes to blogging. By that, I mean that I have started several blogs that I sooner or later (usually sooner) lost the motivation to develop. These have included a cruelty-free makeup blog, a travel and lifestyle blog, and even a vaping-related video channel (cue douchebag alert). I quit all of these blogging endeavors because life got in the way and I lacked the passion and excitement to continue making content. However, I have faith this blog will persist because it is line with what I am truly passionate about - helping people who share a similar experience in a non-judgmental, non-self-pitying, hopefully unobnoxious* way. 
Here's how I plan to do that.
I will mostly write my posts around things I struggle with and things I am familiar with. Some of these things include depression, grief, stress (mainly as it relates to my college experience), and some helpful lifestyle tidbits. 

If you're looking for some more specifics, here are some upcoming posts and series I have planned:

-The Grief Sucks Series
-Small Acts of Self-Care
-Midterms & Other Hellish College Realities 

If this isn't enough to pique your interest, take my word for it and stick around. It's about to get interesting.

*unobnoxious is not a real word, but I'm pretending it is for today's purposes. You know what I mean.

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